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KYOCERA Precision Tools (KPT) is a division of the Kyocera-SGS Precision Tools Group specializing in the manufacturing, servicing, and marketing of Indexable Cutting Tools and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) drills. With over 40 years of cutting tool expertise, KYOCERA has become the market-leader in Japan and has an established global presence with manufacturing, technical centers and sales offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Read our About section for more information.


  • 2024 Spring-Summer Promo Pack


    2024 Spring & Summer Promo Pack Now Available!

    The 2024 Spring Summer Promo Pack features exclusive kit discounts on all new milling solutions and next generation steel and heat-resistant alloy turning featuring Kyocera's latest insert grades!

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  • MB45 Series


    New MB45 45° General Purpose Milling Series

    Setting a new standard for general purpose milling featuring economical 8-edge inserts and an innovative new helical body design giving customers a more durable and versatile cutter with better finish capabilities over conventional mills.

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  • MA90 Series


    New Multi-Functional Milling Series with Tangentially Mounted Inserts

    KYOCERA introduces the MA90 Milling Series featuring 4-edge tangentially mounted inserts, ensuring ultimate body rigidity, superior chip evacuation, enhanced tool life, and impeccable surface finishes. Available in a variety of inch and metric end mill, face mill, and modular head sizes.

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  • KAV Series


    Maximum Anti-Chatter Performance in Deep Boring Applications

    Kyocera introduces the KAV Boring Bar Series, a revolutionary solution designed to tackle challenging deep-boring tasks with unparalleled efficiency. This new series showcases Kyocera's commitment to innovation, featuring advanced anti-vibration dampening technology and replaceable heads for optimal deep boring performance.

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  • KBN020


    Expanded Hard Turning Grade for High-Speed Finishing

    Kyocera's new KBN010 grade expansion is specialized for high-speed finishing. The unique, mixed structure of micro grain and coarse grain CBN provides greater wear resistance and optimal surface finish at higher speeds compared to KBN020.

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  • CA115P CA125P


    Next-Generation CVD Turning Technology

    Experience the endurance, longevity and versatility of Kyocera's all new CA115P / CA125P Series with advanced CVD-coated carbide technology. These insert grades combines an innovative coating, carbide substrate, and chip breakers to deliver exceptional performance, wear/fracture resistance, and extended tool life.

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  • PR115S PR120S


    Conquer HRSA Turning with New PVD Insert Technology

    Conquer the challenges of turning heat-resistant alloys with Kyocera's PR115S / PR120S Series. These inserts feature outstanding wear resistance, reduced cutting edge temperature, and stable performance.

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  • PR18 Series


    Next-Generation PVD Milling Grades Now Available

    Redefine milling operations with Kyocera's PR18 Series, equipped with groundbreaking PVD coating technology. This series offers longer tool life thanks to its innovative coating that surpasses conventional options.

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  • KBN020


    New Breakthroughs in Hard Turning Technology

    From continuous to heavily interrupted cuts, the new KBN020 CBN turning grade has exceptional wear and fracture resistance with Kyocera's newly developed MEGACOAT TOUGH coating technology. Hard turning gets easier...

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  • JCT-Series


    Precise Cooling with JCT Jet Coolant-Thru Holders

    Gain the upper hand in chip control and tool life with Kyocera's JCT-Series high-pressure coolant-through line of turning, grooving, and small part tooling solutions built for longevity to produce quality parts

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    Unmatched Precision and Versatility with the EZ Bar Series

    Choose from a diverse collection of small internal machining solutions and optimize your machines for a wide variety of applications. Now includes new G Chipbreaker bars for better chip control

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    The New MFH-MAX is HERE!

    Kyocera's most versatile high-feed milling line has been expanded with an all new lineup for larger depths of cut. The MFH-MAX maintains excellent performance in various applications, including automotive parts, difficult-to-cut materials, and mold machining.

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    M-THREE Multi-Functional Milling

    Check out the next generation of high-performance, economical, multi-functional milling cutters. The M-THREE (MEV) covers a wide variety of applications from slotting, helical milling, and shouldering, to ramping, facing and pocketing.

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  • KPK-Series


    KPK-Series High-Performance Cut-Off Solutions

    The KPK Series features new insert, blade, and tool block designs for rigid, safe, and secure cut-off operations. Jet coolant-through JCT styles available for better chip control and wear resistance.

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  • Y-Axis Toolholders


    Y-axis Toolholders for Small Parts

    Gain exceptional chip control using Kyocera's new Y-axis toolholder designs for small part applications. Includes KTKF and SDJC styles for back turning, cut-off, threading, and external turning.

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  • APD / AGT Inserts


    New Aluminum Small Part Tooling Solutions

    Improve productivity with aluminum small part machining. New molded PCD chipbreaker designs are available for external turning, grooving, and traversing applications.

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    MECHT Helical End Mills for Titanium Alloy

    The MECHT's unique holder design features a multi-stage insert combination for increased stability, rigid body for increased reliability, and coolant holes over each insert for excellent chip evacuation.

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  • PR1725 / PR1705


    PR1725 & PR1705 PVD Coatings for Small Parts Machining

    The PR17-Series uses Kyocera’s newly developed MEGACOAT NANO PLUS technology which provides excellent wear resistance for longer tool life and a high-quality surface finish in steel and stainless applications. New PR1705 addition is great for high precision machining of free-cutting steel.

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  • 05-01-2020

    MFH-RAPTOR Product Line Expansion

    Our most versatile high feed milling line has been expanded to include the brand-new GH tough edge chipbreaker design for excellent fracture resistance. Combining the GH chipbreaker with our new PR015S milling insert grade, produces an excellent solution for machining hardened steel. Also available is a new 2”, 5-flute cutter design.

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  • 03-28-2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Supply Constraints Update

    UPDATE: Beginning Monday, March 30th, the Kyocera Precision Tools East Coast Facility in Hendersonville, NC will follow Critical Order Fulfillment procedures put in place as a result of the Stay-at-home order issued by the Governor of North Carolina. This new mandate will impact order fulfillment of Kyocera Precision Tools Indexable Product and mirrors the procedures put in place for the Kyocera Precision Tools West Coast Facility in Costa Mesa, CA.

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  • 03-24-2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Supply Constraints Update

    UPDATE: Operational status of the Kyocera Precision Tools West Coast Facility in Costa Mesa, CA has changed to Critical Order Fulfillment due to the most recent declaration made by the Governor of California. This operational status will be in effect through April 6th. The following measures have been put in place to continue to service our customers that are deemed critical...

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  • CCX Finishing


    Finishing Steel - Cermet vs Carbide, Coated vs Uncoated

    Shorter cycle times are key for manufacturers to remain competitive and profitable. The purpose of this evaluation was to see how CVD-coated cermets compared to PVD-coated and uncoated cermets and CVD-coated carbide when finishing 1045 steel.

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  • CCX


    New Positive Inserts Added to CCX Lineup

    The newly developed CCX CVD cermet grade increases productivity with high-speed machining applications and provides excellent wear resistance for low carbon steel, general steel, and cast iron.

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  • SIGC


    New SIGC Small Internal Grooving

    Newly developed clamping system ensures a firm insert hold for high-precision machining and excellent chip evacuation with double coolant holes.

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  • General Catalog


    2019-2020 General Catalog Now Available!

    Check out our extensive product offering in one place with our latest 2019-2020 General Catalog. Including turning, milling, drilling, and solid round tooling solutions and an easy-to-use digital version.

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  • PR1725


    New PR1725 PVD Coating for Small Parts Machining

    New PVD coated carbide grade for small parts machining. The PR1725 uses Kyocera’s newly developed MEGACOAT NANO PLUS technology which provides excellent wear resistance for longer tool life and a high-quality surface finish in steel and stainless applications.

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  • 2019 Summer / Fall Promo Pack


    2019 Summer & Fall Promo Pack Now Available!

    The 2019 Summer & Fall Promo Pack is now in effect. Get deep discounts on multiple milling, drilling, turning, grooving & cut-off and solid round tool products. Now with the brand new CCX CVD Coated Cermet turning inserts for finishing!

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  • CCX


    High-speed Finishing with CCX CVD Coated Cermet

    The newly developed CCX CVD cermet grade increases productivity with high-speed machining applications and provides excellent wear resistance for low carbon steel, general steel, and cast iron.

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  • KS6015


    New Silicon Nitride Ceramic - KS6015

    New ceramic insert grade for efficient and reliable cast iron machining with excellent wear resistance and reduced heat at the cutting edge

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  • 2019 Winter / Spring Promo Pack


    CA025P Lineup Expansion

    New positive inserts are now available in our popular CA025P insert grade for steel turning applications. Extend your tool life with next generation coating technology.

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  • JCT Series


    New Coolant-Through JCT-Series Holders

    Check out our new lineup of jet coolant-through holders for turning, grooving and threading applications in a wide range of workpiec materials. Extend your tool life with precise cooling technology.

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  • CA025P Inserts


    Next Generation CVD Grade CA025P for Steel

    Maximize steel cutting performance with the ultra-durable new CVD insert grade. Grade CA025P maintains exceptional tool life and resists fracturing, general wear, and adhesion.

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  • 2018-2019 General Catalog


    2018-2019 General Catalog Available!

    Check out our extensive product offering in one place with our latest 2018-2019 General Catalog. Now including turning, milling, drilling, and solid round tooling solutions and an easy-to-use digital version.

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  • Automotive Engine Parts


    Powerful Solutions for Exceptional Automakers

    Learn all about Kyocera's proven tooling systems for the automotive industry that will help you maintain high standards on the production line.

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  • SOUTH-TEC 2017


    See Us at SOUTH-TEC 2017 - Booth #2613

    SOUTH-TEC draws manufacturing suppliers, distributors and equipment builders from across North America and around the world – bringing them together in Greenville, South Carolina.

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  • PR005S/PR015S


    New High-Speed Aerospace Grades for Heat-Resistant Alloy

    Introducing PR005S and PR015S turning grades for stable and consistent high-speed performance while machining heat-resistant alloy with maximum wear resistance.

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  • WESTEC 2017


    See Us at WESTEC 2017 - Booth #1049

    The West Coast’s brightest manufacturing minds come together to explore, evaluate, connect and do business. Kyocera Precision Tools will be introducing all new products at Westec this year. Stop by to see our wide range of indexable, solid round, and micro cutting tools.

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  • New Promo Pack


    2017 Summer & Fall Promo Pack Release

    It's time to save big on tooling with brand new special offers on milling, turning, drilling, and solid round tooling solutions!

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  • Turning Catalog


    New Turning Catalog Updates!

    Check out our new updated Turning Catalog featuring many new items for turning, swiss, grooving, boring, threading, and cut-off tooling applications.

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  • 2017 Regional Training


    2017 Regional Training Seminars

    Enhance your metalworking knowledge by attending one of Kyocera's 2017 North American training seminars. Held in conjunction with metalworking trade shows, PMTS, Eastec, Westec, and Southtec, these training seminars will provide you with a greater understanding of Kyocera indexable, micro-tools, and solid round tool capabilities.

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  • EASTEC 2017


    See Us at EASTEC 2017 - Booth #5341

    EASTEC, New England's premier manufacturing exposition, returns May 16-18, 2017. With more than 500 exhibitors, complimentary conference sessions, industry keynotes and much more, EASTEC is an event dedicated to keeping northeast manufacturers competitive.

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  • PMTS 2017


    Visit Us at PMTS 2017 - Booth #255

    The Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) addresses product technology, process innovation and business development in the precision machined parts industry.

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  • Milling Catalog


    New Milling Catalog!

    Check out our new updated Milling Catalog featuring hundreds of new items for general milling, heavy milling, high feed milling, radius milling, and more.

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  • Winter/ Spring Promo Pack


    2017 Winter & Spring Promo Pack Release

    It's time to save big on tooling with brand new special offers on milling, turning, drilling, solid round, and tool holding solutions!

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  • CA3-Series


    CA3-Series Grades for Cast Iron

    Gray & nodular cast iron machining with CA3-series using 3 powerful new turning grades and chipbreakers to tackle multiple cast iron turning applications.

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  • Turning Catalog


    New Turning Catalog!

    Check out our new updated Turning Catalog featuring hundreds of new items for turning, swiss, grooving, boring, threading, and cut-off tooling applications.

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  • PDL025


    PDL025 DLC Insert Grade for Aluminum

    DLC coating for long tool life and hardness close to that of diamond maintains excellent surface finish with aluminum welding resistance.

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  • KGDI Internal Grooving


    KGDI Internal Grooving

    New KGDI internal grooving tools improve machining stability with excellent chip control and smooth chip evacuation. Check out how the GMI chipbreaker prevents chip clogging in internal grooves.

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  • Aerospace Brochure


    Aerospace Tooling Solutions

    See how Kyocera can cater to your aerospace machining needs with numerous solutions for airframes, engines, components, composites, aluminum and titanium applications.

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  • Small Tools Catalog


    Get the New Small Tools Catalog

    The new Small Tools Catalog has been released. Many new tooling solutions have been added for small parts (Swiss) machining operations. View our catalog PDF online with in-page hotlinks and bookmarks for easy navigation.

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  • New MFH-Raptor


    Raptor Mini - Smaller and Just as Fierce

    Experience the newest addition to the popular MFH-Raptor high feed milling cutter family. The MFH-Raptor-MINI high feed end mills are available in diameters from 0.625" to 1.250" for small machining centers.

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  • 2015 Solid Round Tools Catalog


    2015 Solid Round Tools Catalog is Here!

    Over 3000 new items including all new corner radius and extended reach end mills available with a wide range of radius sizes have been added to Kyocera's ever expanding solid round tooling lineup.

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  • KS6030 / KS6040 SiAlON ceramic


    KS6030 & KS6040 SiAlON Ceramic

    Experience Kyocera's latest SiAlON Ceramic grade technology for heat resistant alloys. Prevent burr formation and chipping with superior notch wear resistance.

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  • MFK Cast Iron Face Mills


    New Cast Iron Face Mills - MFK

    The new multi-edge cast iron face mills have 10 usable cutting edges per insert for stable economical machining. New developments in CVD coating technology, grade CA420M will revolutionize your productivity.

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  • New Micro Tools Catalog


    Winter & Spring Promo Pack Just Announced!

    This Winter and Spring of 2015, Kyocera is offering a broad spectrum of discounts on Indexable and Micro-Diameter tooling in one of our biggest promotions yet.

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  • New MFH-Raptor


    ...time to FEED

    Quickly sweeping across America as the 1st Choice in high feed milling applications, the brand new MFH-Raptor High Feed Mills will triple your productivity and don't just take our word for it.

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  • Kyocera at IMTS 2014


    Kyocera at IMTS 2014

    Held every 2 years at the McCormick Place in Chicago, the International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring 1,900 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors.

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