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TOUGH CBN for Hard Turning Applications

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New Breakthroughs in CBN Performance
and Hard Turning Applications

Hard turning just got easier


Hard Turning with CBN

When turning steel above 45 Rc, it is advantageous to choose a CBN insert grade that can stand up to multiple hard turning operations and produce the finish, stability, and tool life needed to power through a variety of parts. Turning parts that have sections of continuous surfaces mixed with interruptions like automotive suspension, shafts, or gears requires repeatable tooling options that perform well in different situations. To give manufacturers a larger range of hard turning capabilities, Kyocera is introducing the brand new KBN010 and KBN020 high-performing CBN grade.

Continuous to Heavily Interrupted Cuts

Kyocera’s KBN020 excels as a 1st choice, general purpose CBN grade with a broad application range from continuous to heavily interrupted machining. KBN010 is recommended for continuous high-speed machining. Utilizing innovative new layering techniques, Kyocera has developed the MEGACOAT TOUGH coating technology. This coating combines a highly wear-resistant layer on the surface adhered to high-content CBN which is used to toughen up the edge for greater fracture resistance when encountering interruptions. The adhesion layer is laminated between the wear-resistance layer and the CBN to reduce layer peeling for longer tool life and stable machining. Providing both excellent wear resistance and fracture resistance gives the user more flexibility, range, performance, and tool life when turning hardened materials.

Maximized Tool Life and Stable Machining

Gain powerful performance in a variety of applications like gears, shafts, and other auto suspension parts made from hardened materials.

Continuous to heavily interrupted hard turning

Shaft - External Turning

Toolholder: DDJNL16-4D
Insert: DNGA432S00525ME KBN020
Workpiece: 4118H 62HRc

Vc = 390 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.008", f = 0.007 ipr
(Interruption f = 0.006 ipr)

Maintains excellent stability when machining continuous to interrupted sections of the part

Gear - Facing

Toolholder: DCLNL-4D
Insert: CNGA433S00525ME KBN020
Workpiece: 1045H 58HRc

Vc = 390 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.016", f = 0.006 ipr

Maintains excellent stability when facing heavily interrupted machining

Wear and fracture resistance

Combining new coating and layering technology and high content CBN provides exceptional wear resistance and fracture resistance

Wear Resistance

New coating "MEGACOAT TOUGH" suppresses layer peeling for excellent wear resistance

Wear Comparison

Vc = 390 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.008", f = 0.007 ipr
(Interruption f = 0.006 ipr)

Fracture Resistance

New coating "MEGACOAT TOUGH" suppresses layer peeling for excellent wear resistance

Fracture Resistance Comparison

Vc = 390 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.008", f = 0.007 ipr
(Interruption f = 0.006 ipr)

Supports a wide range of hard turning applications

KBN020 covers a wide range of applications from continuous to interrupted machining of hardened material

Application Map

Newly developed coating technology - MEGACOAT TOUGH

An adhesion layer is laminated between the high wear resistance layer and the CBN.
This reduces layer peeling to achieve long tool life and stable machining.

MEGACOAT TOUGH Logo Coating Layer Technology

Engineered layering for longer tool life

New interlayer designed for stress relief on top of a high adhesion layer

Coating Layer Technology

New adhesion technology for suppressed layer peeling

Improved adhesion between CBN and high wear resistance layer

Coating Layer Technology Coating Layer Technology
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