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KAV Series
Anti-Vibration System for Deep Boring

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Maximum Anti-Chatter Performance
in Deep Boring Applications

KAV Series Product Display

Optimized Deep Boring Applications

Kyocera introduces the KAV Boring Bar Series, a revolutionary solution designed to tackle challenging deep-boring tasks with unparalleled efficiency. This new series showcases Kyocera's commitment to innovation, featuring advanced anti-vibration dampening technology and replaceable heads for optimal deep boring performance.

Anti-Vibration Dampener Technology

The KAV system addresses the complexities of deep-boring challenges by offering superior chatter resistance, accommodating up to 10xD maximum overhang lengths. At the heart of this technology is Kyocera's exclusive damper mechanism integrated into the bars. This proprietary damper effectively isolates and absorbs vibrational energy within a compact cavity, ensuring maximum shank rigidity and eliminating chatter at the cutting edge. With the KAV Series, customers benefit from a wide selection of interchangeable boring bar heads with a unique serrated joint structure for fast and secure attachments to the sleeve. With Kyocera’s easy-adjustment E-Sleeve, cutting edge adjustments are fast and accurate eliminating costly downtime during setup.

Maximum Rigidity up to MAX L/D of 10

Unique anti-vibration mechanism provides superior anti-chatter performance. Shank diameters from 16mm to 32mm (Max L/D = 7, 10).

Unique anti-vibration mechanism provides superior chatter resistance

Unique vibration isolation mechanism that ensures rigidity with high dampening performance

Anti-vibration system graphic

Interchangeable heads for a variety of machining applications

Strong fastening with serrated joint structure

Interchangeable Heads

Fast and accurate cutting edge adjustment and machine setup with E-Sleeve

Exclusive E-Sleeve

Adjusting the cutting edge position is easy by simply aligning the reference line between the shank and the sleeve.

Conventional Sleeve

Adjust the flat cut part of the head by moving the tool while applying a dial gauge, etc.

Case Studies

Mechanical parts (Worm gears) 1045 Mechanical parts (Worm gears)  4137 Auto parts (Differential case)  100-70-03

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