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PR18 Series

PVD Coated Carbide Insert Grades for Milling

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Experience increased tool life and optimized production efficiency with Kyocera's new advanced milling grade coating technology

CA115P CA125P Inserts

PR1835 | PR1825 | PR1810

Join the future of high-performance milling with Kyocera's revolutionary PR18 Series insert grades. We are excited to introduce this innovative lineup of milling inserts that have been meticulously crafted to elevate your machining experience across our most popular milling lines.

At the core of this series lies Kyocera's all new, next-generation PVD coating technology. Designed to propel your production runs forward, this groundbreaking coating takes milling performance to new heights. With PR18 Series inserts, you can eliminate frequent tool replacements and costly downtime, as our cutting-edge coating brings an unmatched level of longevity to your milling operations in a large variety of workpiece materials.

Under the Surface

The PR18 Series incorporates proprietary MEGACOAT NANO EX coating technology, setting a new standard for wear resistance and durability. By using a unique double lamination technique with special nano multi-layers for abrasion, wear, and heat resistance, this coating surpasses conventional grades, delivering superior performance and extending the lifespan of the tools.

The key to the PR18 Series' success lies in its ability to protect against wear and abrasion like no other. With excellent oxidation resistance and a higher coating toughness, PR18 suppresses crack growth and remains tougher longer. This results in prolonged tool life, reducing the need for frequent tool changes in the middle of your production runs. With enhanced wear resistance and durability, milling operations can be extended longer while maintaining precision and surface finish, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency.

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New PVD coating MEGACOAT NANO EX provides longer tool life

Kyocera's proprietary coating improvements increase tool life longevity and maximize wear resistance

CA115P CA125P Application Map CA115P CA125P Applications

Newly developed proprietary coating and carbide substrate

Optimized coating properties on rake and flank faces provide wear resistance and fracture resistance
Ultra-uniform alumina film reduces crater wear

CA115P CA125P flank face CA115P CA125P flank face

2X the tool life of conventional grades

MEGACOAT NANO EX has 2x longer tool life than conventional coating
The cutting edge remains in good condition with quiet cutting noise

CA115P CA125P alumina film crystal structure Crystal orientation structure illustration

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 980 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.059", f = 0.012 ipr, Wet, Workpiece: 4137

Compatible with various machining applications

Optimized coating properties on rake and flank faces provide wear resistance and fracture resistance
Ultra-uniform alumina film reduces crater wear

CA115P CA125P flank face CA115P CA125P flank face

New PR18-Series grades are now available across Kyocera's
most popular milling series product lines

90° / 88° Milling Series

Boring Copying Internal Facing and Profiling 90 Degree Lead Boring Back Boring 45 Degree Chamfering

66° / 45° Milling Series

Internal Grooving Internal Face Grooving Internal Threading

High-Feed Milling Series


Case Studies

PR18 Case Study General Machining Parts 65-45-12 PR18 Plastic Mold Steel Parts MFH-Mini
PR18 Case Study Mechanical Parts 4131 PR18 Body parts No.45 Cast Iron
PR18 Display

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