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2023  |  SUMMER - FALL

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Discounted Kits for Maximizing Productivity



KPK-Series Display

Discounted High-Feed Milling Kits
Kits include:
(1) MFH Milling Cutter and
(10) NEW PR18-Series Inserts
Choose your Cutter and Insert Grade

Experience increased tool life and optimized production efficiency with new PR18-Series advanced grade coating technology now applied to Kyocera's popular MFH High-Feed Milling Family.

At the core of the PR18 series insert grades lies Kyocera's all new, next-generation PVD coating technology. Designed to propel your production runs forward, this groundbreaking new coating takes milling performance to new heights. With PR18 Series inserts, you can eliminate frequent tool replacements and costly downtime, as our cutting-edge coating brings an unmatched level of longevity to your milling operations in a large variety of workpiece materials.


Turning Kit Banner

Discounted Steel Turning Kits
Steel Turning Kits include:
(1) Double-Clamp Holder and
(10) NEW CA115P or CA125P Inserts
Choose your Holder, Chipbreaker, and Insert Grade

Experience Kyocera's next-generation steel turning CVD coating technology

The newly developed proprietary coating and carbide substrate of the CA115P/CA125P series offers unmatched wear and fracture resistance and was engineered to provide extended tool life and superior performance in a variety of machining scenarios. The CA115P is ideal for continuous to light-interrupted machining, offering highly efficient results. CA125P is optimized for continuous to heavy interrupted machining, making it a versatile general-purpose grade for steel machining.

Discounted Heat-Resistant Alloy Turning Kits
HRA Turning Kits include:
(1) Double-Clamp Holder and
(10) NEW PR115S or PR120S Inserts
Choose your Holder, Chipbreaker, and Insert Grade

Conquer numerous challenges of turning heat-resistant alloys with Kyocera's all new PR115S / PR120S PVD coating technology

Kyocera is excited to unveil the PR115S/PR120S series, a comprehensive solution designed to tackle these challenges head-on. With outstanding heat resistance, wear resistance, and stability, this series ensures prolonged tool life and enables stable machining results in both heat-resistant alloys and stainless steel.


KPK-Series Display

Discounted Indexable Drilling Kits
Kits include:
(1) DRV Magic Drill Body and
(10) Inside Inserts
and (10) Outside Inserts
Choose your Drill Size and Chipbreaker

Benefit from excellent chip evacuation with up to 6xD maximum deep-hole drilling and economical 4-edge inserts

Achieve unparalleled drilling precision and consistent cutting diameter with our cutting-edge indexable holemaking solution. Experience reduced chattering, thanks to the optimal core thickness and low cutting force design. Our unique insert designs ensure smooth chip evacuation with compact chips, guaranteeing uninterrupted workflow. Developed specifically for drilling, our insert combine CVD (outer edge) and PVD (inner edge) insert coatings, enabling high-speed machining. Elevate your drilling operations to new heights with our advanced technology today!

Free Knife

FREE Ceramic Knife with NEW CVD Test Report
Submit a CA115P or CA125P CVD steel turning grade test report and we'll send you one of
Kyocera's popular ceramic paring knives FREE!

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