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Higher Rigidity with Lower Cutting Forces

The next generation of high-performance, economical, multi-functional milling cutters

M-THREE (MEV) Display


The MEV triangular inserts combine both advantages of conventional positive and negative style inserts into a design that produces lower cutting forces yet maintains chatter resistance with higher rigidity.

High Performance: Low Cutting Force and High Rigidity

Newly developed vertical triangle inserts with 3 cutting edges
Stable machining with reduced chattering

Low cutting force and high rigidity

Economical: Improved Insert Life with 3 Cutting Edges

Insert TOMT Insert

Unique triangle inserts with 3 cutting edges
MEGACOAT NANO coating technology with wear and adhesion resistance

Coating Properties (Oxidation Resistance) Coating Properties (Adhesion Resistance)

Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, the MEV is built to reduce cutting stress on the cutter body
Increased hardness and wide contact surface for improved durability

Toolholders Design Stress Analysis

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 390 sfm, D.O.C. × ae = 0.197" × 0.295", fz = 0.010 ipt, Ø0.750" (1 Flute), Dry Workpiece : 4140H

Multi-Functional: Perform a Wide Variety of Machining Processes

Great performance in shouldering, slotting, and ramping applications (D.O.C. 0.236" or less)

Chip Example (Slotting) Multiple Application

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 490 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.236" (Slotting) fz = 0.008 ipt, Ø0.750" (3 Flute), Dry Workpice : SS400

MEV Applications - Ramping, Slotting, Helical Milling, Shouldering, Pocketing, and Face Milling

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