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KYOCERA Tool Clinics

Kyocera Tool Clinics are a two and a half-day, fully-immersive event. Attendees will be instructed using a combination of classroom learning, live tooling demonstrations, case study analysis, and Q&A sessions. Attendees will also have the opportunity to tour the KYOCERA SGS Corporate Campus and Manufacturing Facilities in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Class size is limited and applicants must be approved prior to securing a spot.


Beginner Indexable Tools Training

A 1-1/2 day course designed to introduce indexable tooling concepts and basic calculations necessary for their use. We will cover the differences between turning and milling, insert and holder nomenclature, conduct a basic overview of indexbable insert materials, and a variety of machining operations. Live demonstrations will be featured to reinforce the topics discussed in the classroom. The target audience is anyone with less than 1 year of experience with indexable tooling who wants to gain a better understanding of the nomenclature and applications for indexable tooling.

Intermediate Indexable Tools Training

A 2-1/2 day course designed to introduce Kyocera’s indexable product lineup. We will introduce new and key products and detail the advantages of each. Topics covered will include indexable insert grades, applications, and toolholder and insert combinations for various machining operations (turning, boring, grooving, etc.). This course is ideal for those with a few years of experience in the indexable cutting tool industry who would like to familiarize themselves with Kyocera’s indexable product line.

Advanced Indexable Tools Training

A 1-1/2 day course designed to help apply and troubleshoot indexable tools at the spindle. We will incorporate more time at the machines to troubleshoot common machining problems (chip control, surface finish, tool path issues, etc.). This class is designed for those already familiar with Kyocera’s indexable tooling that want to improve their skills for applying the tools to solve customer challenges.

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2024 Tool Clinic Schedule
  • Broaden your cutting tool skillset
  • Gain valuable Kyocera tooling knowledge
  • Find out about our emerging grade technologies
  • Learn the basics or attend one of our advanced machining principles classes