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PR1725 / PR1705

PVD Coating for Small Parts Machining

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for General Steel, Free-Cutting Steel, and Stainless Steel

Newly developed PVD grade using MEGACOAT NANO PLUS coating technology for exceptional surface finish and long tool life

PR1725 / PR1705

New SKS Chipbreaker for Finishing

Gain excellent chip control and surface finish with the SKS chipbreaker. This new chipbreaker design is optimized for better chip evacuation and leaves an excellent mirror surface finish on the workpiece.

PR1725 Maintains Long Tool Life and Excellent Surface Finish

Long tool life leads to improved cycle time
Excellent surface finish with no tearing lowers quality control costs

Insert cutting edge wear and quality of surface finish comparison (1045 Steel)

* After 20 min of machining (Internal evaluation)

PR1725 Wear and Surface Comparison Competitor A Wear and Surface Comparison

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 490 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.020", f = 0.002 ipr, Wet, Workpiece : 1045

PR1705 Excellent Wear Resistance and High-Precision Machining

High-hardness ultra-fine particle carbide substrates with MEGACOAT NANO PLUS coating technology

Insert Wear and Surface Finish Comparison (1215 Free-Cutting Steel)

* After 40 min of machining (Internal evaluation)

PR1705 showed little adhesion to the cutting edge and good surface finish on the workpiece without tearing

PR1705 Wear and Surface Comparison Competitor B Wear and Surface Comparison

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 490 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.0197", f = 0.0020 ipr, Wet, Workpiece : 1215

New SKS Chipbreaker Design for Finishing

Anti-welding properties for improved mirror surface finish and excellent chip control

SKS Chipbreaker Features SKS Chipbreaker Diagram

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