KYOCERA Precision Tools

MB45 Series

45° General Purpose Milling Series

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with Economical 8-Edge Inserts

Setting a new standard for general purpose milling featuring economical 8-edge inserts and an innovative new helical body design giving customers a more durable and versatile cutter with better finish capabilities over conventional mills.

MB45 Display

How do you get the most out of a GP Cutter?

General purpose milling cutters must strike a balance between quality, performance, long tool life, economy, and versatility to effectively handle the demanding range of machining tasks. The MB45 does not compromise on these qualities. These next-generation cutters are durable, ensuring reliability whether used for general machining applications or for more unique solutions. The MB45 series delivers the low cutting force benefits of positive inserts and the fracture resistance of negative inserts, ensuring an exceptional surface finish and also makes it a great series for smaller machining centers. The series is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of machining applications giving customers a cost-effective solution for a wider range of possibilities.

KYOCERA's Latest Coating Technology

The MB45 series is enhanced by KYOCERA’s next-generation PR18 Series PVD coating, a cutting-edge technology that significantly extends tool life. These grades incorporate proprietary MEGACOAT NANO EX coating technology, achieving, in some cases, double the resistance and durability. By using a unique double lamination technique with special nano multi-layers for abrasion, wear, and heat resistance, this coating surpasses conventional grades, delivering superior performance and extending the lifespan of the tools.


Featuring 8-edge inserts and a unique back-side coolant channel directed at the cutting edge to ensuring excellent chip evacuation, enhanced tool life, and superior surface finishes.

Large insert lineup for a wide variety of machining applications

Five insert designs for various machining applications
Economical inserts with 8 cutting edges (Wiper insert has 2 edges)
General purpose GM insert with E-Class and M-Class options based on required machining accuracy

SM and GM Inserts GH and W Inserts AM Inserts

8 insert grades available for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, heat-resistant alloys, and aluminum

PR18 Insert Grades Other Insert Grades

New PVD coating MEGACOAT NANO EX provides longer tool life

Kyocera's proprietary coating improvements increase tool life longevity and maximize wear resistance

MEGACOAT NANO EX Layering PR18 Layers MB45 Inserts
PR18 Grade Info

Low cutting force design with excellent fracture resistance and superior surface finish

Low cutting force and excellent fracture resistance
Unique helical cutting edge and double-edge structure

MB45 cutting edge 1 MB45 cutting edge 2 MB45 Cutting resistance comparison MB45 Fracture resistance comparison

Case Studies

MA90 Case Study Brake Parts 70-50-05

User Evaluation: Vc = 520 sfm, D.O.C. x ae= 0.003"x5.12", Wet

MA90 Case Study Mold Parts Stainless Steel

User Evaluation: Vc = 300 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.079", fz = 0.007 ipt, Dry

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