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CVD Coated Cermet for Finishing

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The excellent wear resistant CCX turning grade is built for long tool life
when high-speed finishing in soft steel, general steel, and cast iron

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CVD Coating Diagram


The unique design of the CCX cermet grade with a thick CVD coating is difficult to accomplish using conventional technology. This process provides greater wear resistance at higher cutting speeds.

Excellent High-Speed Finishing Leads to Greater Productivity

Wide range of cutting speeds from general to high-speeds provide long tool life in various finishing applications

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CCX Application Examples

Great performance in continuous to light interruption finishing applications

Application Examples

Combination of Cermet and a CVD Coating Provides High-Speed Machining

Newly developed unique cermet grade with thick CVD coating which is difficult to accomplish using conventional technology. High-speed machining and long tool life is possible with superior wear and chipping resistance.

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Superior Wear Resistance to PVD Coated Cermets

In low carbon steel, CCX shows better wear resistance when compared to competitors even in high-speed cutting conditions

Wear Resistance Comparison Cutting Edge Wear

Cutting Conditions: Vc = 3,280 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.010", f = 0.006 ipr, Wet, CNMG432 Type, Facing, Workpiece: Low Carbon Steel

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