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High-Efficiency Milling for Aluminum

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Multi-Functional High-Speed Milling

Excellent scatter prevention maximizes stability
during high-speed aluminum milling operations

  • New AM chipbreaker, tough edge insert added

MEAS Display

Simultaneous 3-axis Machining

The large ramping angle can be used in simultaneous 3-axis machining for a wide range of milling applications. Sharp cutting edges provide stable machining results throughout the operation.

Reliable High-Efficiency Machining

Grooved connection between the insert and holder for high-speed aluminum machining
(∅1.250" / ∅32mm: Recommended Max. Cutting Speed Vc = 9,842 sfm)

MEAS Insert and Holder Design

Low Cutting Force with Sharp Cutting Edge

True rake angle max. of 20° and low cutting force with excellent chattering resistance

True Rake Angle Max. of 20 degrees Cutting Force Comparison

Cutting Conditions: Vc = 1,280 sfm, D.O.C. X ae = 0.315" X 0.197", Cutter Diameter: ∅1" (2 Flute), Dry, Workpiece: 7075

Machining for a Wide Variety of Applications

Maximum ramping angle of up to 20° (∅1.000" / ∅25mm)
The MEAS can be used for shouldering, slotting, ramping, and helical milling applications

Large Ramping Angle MEAS Applications

PDL025 DLC Coating

Kyocera’s proprietary hydrogen-free DLC coating technology is excellent for aluminum machining and achieves long tool life with hardness close to that of diamond

Coating Properties

Tool Life

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