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Featured Products

OCT 2020

Series 430 Hybrid Flute Undercut Drills

Kyocera is pleased to introduce its new hybrid undercut drill with a unique 2-into-1 hybrid flute design. This high-strength design demonstrates longer endurance, ultra-precise drilled hole location, and superior hole wall quality.

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Series 460 / 480 Advanced Undercut Drills

Achieve excellent results from the 460/480 drills designed for superior hole wall quality and an undercut diameter to reduce cutting friction and temperature. Utilizing a thicker web for higher strength, these series can be used in a broad range of materials.

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Series 1735 Soft Laminate or Fine Metal Edge End Mill

Series 1735 End Mills designed to provide an ultra-fine edge finish on soft PCB laminate materials and metals that require flawless edges and cleanly cut fibers. The End Style allows surface milling and plunging.

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Series 2350 Fracture Reducing Router

The Series 2350 design combines the advantages provided by end mills for edge quality and the chipbreaker router for debris evacuation. In addition, these tools generally eliminate the requirement of entry material that is sometimes needed on this type of work when using conventional cutters.

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