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High-Performance Miniature End Mills

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Excellent chip evacuation, long tool life, and high quality
surface finish with AX performance coating technology

TITAN-AX Display


The TITAN-AX provides smoother cutting with better chip evacuation, deeper pocketing clearance, and a rigid shank diameter for increased machining stability.

Wide Range of Applications in Multiple Industries

Kyocera has developed the TITAN-AX line of end mills for machining materials used in Medical, Microwave, Aerospace and other miniature component industries. Equipped with optimized flute geometries, 3 flutes, and increased shank diameters for maximum rigidity, these coated end mills are engineered for precision using aggressive machining parameters. Material applications for the TITAN-AX include Kovar©, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carpenter 49 as well as other ferrous materials.


  • •  3 Flute Optimized Geometry
  • •  Sharp & Corner Radius (Bull Nose)
  • •  AX Coating Technology
  • •  Diameter Tolerance +0 / -.0008"
  • •  Increased Shank Diameters for Maximum Rigidity
  • •  Long Reach Reduced Neck Design
  • •  Variable Helix


  • •  Smoother Cutting with Better Chip Evacuation
  • •  Corner Radii Programmable for 3D Surfacing
  • •  Better Life and Finishes
  • •  Consistent Part Size and Surface Finish
  • •  Better Clamping Rigidity and T.I.R
  • •  Clearance for Deeper Pocketing Applications
  • •  Ideal for Trochoidal Milling Parts

Rigid Shank Diameter Construction

1/4" Diameter shank construction minimizes tool deflection compared to similar cutting diameter on 1/8" shanks. This reduction in deflection from the point of cutting to the collet is due to increased mass. Less deflection means better part consistency, reduced tool breakage, and improved tool life.

Rigid Shank Example Case Study

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