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CVD Coated Cermet for Finishing

The newly developed CCX CVD cermet grade increases productivity with high-speed machining applications and provides excellent wear resistance for low carbon steel, general steel, and cast iron.

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  • Excellent High-Speed Finishing Leads to Greater Productivity
    Superior wear resistance with unique cermet grade technology and thickened CVD coating provides better finishing results at higher speeds.
  • Combination of Cermet and a CVD Coating Provides High-Speed Machining
    This newly developed, unique cermet grade uses a thick CVD coating which is difficult to accomplish using conventional technology. High-speed machining is possible with long tool life and superior wear and chipping resistance
  • Superior Wear Resistance to PVD Coated Cermets
    In low carbon steel, CCX shows better wear resistance when compared to competitors even with high-speed cutting conditions. CCX also provided better tool life than competitor's CVD cermets by greatly reducing the amount of wear when machining in alloy steel applications.
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