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CVD Coated Carbide for Steel

Maximize steel cutting performance with the ultra-durable new CVD insert grade. Grade CA025P maintains exceptional tool life and resists fracturing, general wear, and adhesion.

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  • Improved Wear Resistance with New CVD Grade for Steel
    Thickened alumina with good thermal resistance (twice as thick as conventional coating) and improved plastic deformation resistance by increased temperature strength
  • Wide Range of Chipbreaker Styles Available
    The CA025P grade comes in a variety of chipbreakers to get the job done whether you are roughing at heavy depths of cut or finishing the workpiece at high feed rates.
  • Wear and Deformation Resistance
    CA025P maintains smooth and flat surface with stable tool life
  • Excellent Fracture Resistance and Adhesion Resistance
    New substrate with high stability provides excellent chipping resistance
  • PG Chipbreaker (Medium-Roughing)
    1st choice for stable interrupted machining with good chip control
  • GS Chipbreaker (Medium-Roughing)
    1st choice for continuous machining with hybrid land
  • PQ Chipbreaker (Finishing-Medium)
    Reduces chip clogging and resistance at high feed rates
  • PP Chipbreaker (Finishing)
    Prevents chip clogging and chip crunching at high feed rates in small depths of cut
  • Positive Inserts Added to the LineupNew

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