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Indexable Milling Grades



for Steel & Stainless Steel Machining

Wear and oxidation resistant grade for stable and high feed rate milling and drilling of steel with micrograin carbide substrate.

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Kyocera's PVD coated carbides for milling utilize very tough carbide substrates.

The low processing temperature, compared with CVD, leads to improved bending strength, less deterioration of the coating and superior tool life with stable machining.

  • Superior wear and oxidation resistant MEGACOAT on a special tough carbide substrate
  • Improved tool life and high speed capability due to its superior heat resistance and hardness
  • Stability improved through prevention of crater wear (oxidation, diffusional wear)
  • High thermal stability and surface smoothness provide excellent surface finish
  • For carbon steel and stainless steel, general purpose and high feed rate stable cutting and long tool life for steel and stainless machining

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