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Indexable Milling Grades



CVD Coated Carbide
for Heat-resistant Alloy
and Stainless Steel Machining

CVD coating for difficult-to-cut materials including ni-base heat resistant alloy and martensitic stainless steel.

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Kyocera's CVD coated carbide grades provide stable, efficient machining at high speeds or for heavily interrupted applications.

Ti-base (TiN, TiCN) coating with superior hardness and wear resistance or ceramic-base (Al2O3) coating with high-thermal stability is applied on a tough carbide substrate. Superior fracture and wear resistance.

  • High heat resistance and wear resistance with CVD coating
  • For Ni-base heat resistant alloy and martensitic stainless steel
  • Improved stability due to thin film coating technology
  • Stable cutting prevents insert fracturing
  • Good for high efficiency machining of difficult-to-cut materials

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