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Coolant Fed Deep Drill for Difficult-to-cut Material

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Deep drilling of difficult-to-cut material is
not so difficult with the HYDROS

Smooth, straight holes every time with
no pecking required and excellent hole accuracy

  • HYDROS Mini 1mm-4mm Diameters Added (8xD/15xD)
HYDROS Coolant Fed Deep Drills


The double margin of the high performance HYDROS drill is designed for drilling smooth, straight holes with a fantasic finish in difficult-to-cut materials.

Optimized Cutting Edge for Increased Hole Accuracy

The optimized cutting edge creates excellent drilling accuracy during the initial cut by consistently controlling the cutting force across the face of both cutting edges.

Cutting Edge Hole Diameter Variation

Cutting Conditions : N = 6468rpm, Vf = 575mm/min, Drill Diameter ∅3mm, Drilling Depth 25.4mm 17-4PH-900

Double Margin for Smooth Hole Finish

Two margins create a cutting and wiping effect that create a smooth hole finish and smooth cutting performance along the hole wall.

Chip Comparison Edge Design

Nanocomposite Super-nitride AlTiN Coating Technology

Great for difficult-to-cut and hardened materials, the 2nd generation AlTiN supernitride with a nanocomposite coating structure has a hardness GPa of 36.3 and maximum application temperature (C°) of 1,100.

Coating Properties

Need a pilot drill?

The 3xD ORION high performance drill makes a great pilot drill for the HYDROS 10xD coolant fed deep drills

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